Senator Fraser's 2003 Press Releases

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Icon: Press ReleaseDecember 12, 2003
Fraser Calls on General Land Office to Halt Water Deal Negotiations

Icon: Media BroadcastMay 31, 2003
Press conference on "Insurance"

Icon: Press ReleaseMay 28, 2003
Perry Orders Rock Crusher Study, Fraser to be Named to Special Panel

Icon: Press ReleaseMay 20, 2003
Mold Remediators Licensing Bill Clears Senate Committee

Icon: Press ReleaseApril 15, 2003
Texas Senate Approves Cap Rock Energy Legislation

Icon: Media BroadcastApril 2, 2003
Press conference on "Insurance"

Icon: Press ReleaseMarch 18, 2003
Insurance Water Claims Legislation Clears Senate Committee

Icon: Press ReleaseMarch 12, 2003
Fraser Bill Moves Cap Rock Electric to Regulated Utility Status

Icon: Press ReleaseMarch 6, 2003
Fraser Legislation Stiffens Permit Requirements for Rock Crushers

Icon: Media BroadcastMarch 4, 2003
Press conference on "Homeowners Insurance"

Icon: Press ReleaseFebruary 27, 2003
Committee Approves Fraser Legislation Protecting From Identity Fraud

Icon: Press ReleaseFebruary 11, 2003
Senate Approves Fraser Legislation Calling For Insurance Companies' Data

Icon: Press ReleaseJanuary 29, 2003
Fraser Legislation Requires Insurance Companies to Open Books, Provide Data

Icon: Media BroadcastJanuary 29, 2003
Press Conference on "SB 310"

Icon: Press ReleaseJanuary 20, 2003
Fraser to Chair Senate Committee on Business and Commerce